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The Upcoming iPhone 15

There is nothing new to say about the iPhone every year, so this time the iPhone 15 series is being brought to the iPhone market, although the mobile phone is released in September every time, this time some secret features of the iPhone have been leaked long ago.

So let’s start
The first thing we look at after buying a mobile is how it feels after holding it and the iPhone 15 model this time comes with a little curved like every time there are 4 lineups of iPhone 15,

1 iPhone 15

2 iPhone 15 Plus

3 iPhone 15 Pro

4 iPhone 15 Pro Max

The interesting thing is that this time we are getting every model of the iPhone 15 in Dynamic Iceland.

This time the mobile phone is completely the same as before, but you will definitely get a little different, for example, the mobile phone will not have a flat side like the last iPhone 14, and the side of the iPhone 15 will have a slightly round and if you pick up the mobile phone, your on-hand experience will be a little different. Very satisfying.

But one feature that users will like very much this time is the dynamic island. We will get it in every model of iPhone 15. Last time, iPhone 14 was not given this feature for every model, We only had a dynamic island with Pro and Pro Max. Now every model of the iPhone 15 series will get Dynamic Iceland.

So, guys, the million dollar question is which USB port iPhone will use for charging this time, will iPhone portless mobile this time? Or will the lighting port? Or give USB C?

So basically, from the information we have received, it is known that this time the USB Type C port will be used in the iPhone 15.

But here’s a but always in case of iPhone 🙂

We get from the report that Apple will play the game in a different way this time, that is, it will provide USB C, but the device will have a special chip inside the device, because of which you will not be able to charge your mobile with others USB c cable even if you want to use the USB type C in the market. There are many types of Type C cables available in the market, so Apple does not want any third-party Type C cable to charge their phone without causing any physical damage.

Now if we talk about the camera then the report reveals that

This time the frame of the camera will be slightly bigger than before.

iPhone 15 & 15 Plus will have dual cameras on the back

And iPhone 15 Pro & 15 Pro Max will have Ultra Wide & Triple Camera.

But the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a periscope zoom camera which will be very interesting this time.

It is not yet known how many megapixels the phone’s camera will have.

What about the build quality this time it will be a stainless steel frame, but only in the case of iPhone 15 & 15 Plus you will get stainless steel.
And the frame of the iPhone 15 Pro & 15 Pro Max will be made of titanium, you can understand how strong the phone is being made this time.
And the iPhone 15 will be lighter than before.
It is reported that this time the iPhone 15 Pro & 15 Pro Max will not have a physical volume button, but will be replaced by a solid-state volume button.

The Button,
You’ll feel like there’s a button here, but it won’t vibrate when you click it feels like earbuds do.
Now if we talk about the performance of the iPhone, then there is nothing new to say, you know very well that there is no answer to the performance of the iPhone. Now this time iPhone 15 & 15 Plus has the iPhone A16 bionic chip which was in last time they used for the iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max, and this time iPhone 15 Pro & 15 Pro Max has the iPhone new A17 bionic chip, from Report We can expect 3 nanometers, so you can understand that this time the phone will be and the blazing speed of this series is going to the next level.

Finally, if we talk about the price of the iPhone this time, we do not know anything officially about the price of the iPhone 15 series.
However, it is expected that the price of the iPhone 15 will not be much different from the price of the iPhone 14.

So that’s all for today,
I will bring you new information with new articles. Until then, stay with us & support us so that we can continuously share with you new tech pieces of information and new topics.

Thank you.

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